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Our Clients Testimonials

Through the years of serving our clients, we take pride in receiving good feedback. Here are their testimonials:

6 responses to “Our Clients Testimonials”

  1. When the need arose for me to fly to Arizona frrom New Jersey to find appropriate housing for my mother-in-law over 4 years ago, I was fortunate to be referred to Andi Popescu and Golden Senior Living. Their Care Home was beautiful, her bedroom was spacious, and the staff were amazingly kind and thoughtful every day. Living so far away, I was grateful to know that they would reach out whenever necessary to inform us of issues or opportunities or just to let us know all was well. The staff were willing to help her use an iPad to Facetime with us, a concept she did not really understand but enjoyed. They helped with putting pictures in frames and selecting new clothing when needed. I cannot say enough about everyone at Golden Senior Living. She lived to just six weeks shy of her 100th birthday for which we were planning a party. I would readily recommend another family member in need.

  2. Thank you Teddy.
    Jeannine was very dear to us, we were very fortunate to have her with us in the last few years.
    We all were looking forward to celebrate her 100th birthday.
    Many thanks.

  3. We are so thankful that we were referred to Andi Popescu. We were very pleased with the care and attention that my cousin received. We were concerned as to how he would react to the new location, he fit right in and was happy. His room was very nice and the entire home was very clean. We were impressed with the security to protect the residents. The 24 hour caregivers were very conscious of his needs and were always courteous and kind. He was a proud Navy Veteran and was always treated with dignity and respect. The comfort and care was exceptional from all the staff. We highly recommend Golden Senior Living

  4. Many thanks to Andi and Mariana Popescu at Golden Senior Living. Their caregivers were very kind and compassionate. They treated all residents like they were their own family. I was very happy that I chose to place my husband there where he received excellent care. I would definetly recommend Golden Senior Living.
    Betty Siegel

  5. My mother and father received the best possible care and attention at Golden Senior Living.
    It was by far the nicest, cleanest place I saw for my parents. My parents were treated with kindness and dignity right up to the end. I am very grateful to everyone at Golden Senior Living. I highly recommend this place for a loved one.

  6. It is my pleasure to write a review of my experience with Home Care at Marley Park. I could not be happier with the loving care that was given to my mother during the time she was a resident.
    My mom from day one was treated with love, respect and a genuine care for her wellbeing.
    I visited my mom several times a week; she was always dressed in comfortable, clean clothes, bathe, fed and her hair nicely combed. Some times it was french braised which she really enjoyed.
    The home was always very clean and well maintained.
    The residents birthdays were celebrated as well as each holiday.
    There were activities such as cards, games, movies and even had popcorn.
    Medicine was scheduled and administered according to the doctor’s orders.
    Three good meals were provided each day along with yummy desserts.
    The caregivers are wonderful. I couldn’t be more pleased with how kind, respectful and patient they were with my mom. Her every need was taken care of. I never worried about her under their care.
    The owners, Andi and Mariana are special people who sincerely want the best possible life for their residents and made every effort to make that happen. I appreciate them so much.
    I feel fortunate to have found Home Care at Marley Park. It’s the best.
    In conclusion, I feel the home, owners, and caregivers are exceptional and I highly recommend Home Care at Marley Park for your loved one.


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